Payments & Cancellation Policy

Payment through our credit card system

Please read and accept the following terms before you perform payment through our system:

1. I confirm that this payment concerns the down payment, or part of the down payment, or full payment of a charter with a sailing yacht or catamaran that will be provided by ‘’ and follows the terms and conditions on the charter party (contract) between me and the boat owner that I have read, accepted and signed.

2. I agree with the cancellation terms of (described above)

3.The charter contract by itself can testify as a receipt for our services. in case an invoice or receipt is needed, it is not generated automatically and has to be requested and delivered on the charter ending date, or after the full payment of the charter.

4. A charter contract in order to be valid has to be fully paid before the starting date of the charter. Charter contracts that are not fully paid by then, can be canceled by the provider as not paid.

I have read the above terms and accept the charge of my credit card.

Booking Terms

For all charters concerning season 2024
40% down payment (upon booking)
60% payment 45 days prior to embarkation.


Shall you wish to cancel your sailing vacation, then this can be done via phone or email. The refund policy is based on the time interval between the travel date and the cancellation date:

Any change in dates, destination or yacht type is a cancellation.
We recommend trip cancellation insurance.
Cancellations received up to 60 days before the trip are not refundable unless the yacht can rebooked and are subject to a fee. Cancellations inside of 60 days are non-refundable

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